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Developing and Implementing New Technology: 2015 Is Just the Beginning!
In today’s ever changing environment, the use of technology has become highly important. Over the last few years, technology advancements created a dramatic difference in the background screening industry. Once, everything was done manually – from ordering a background check to conducting the investigation. With the advancement of technology the process has become streamlined and far more efficient.
Corporate Screening takes pride in our innovative, yet user-friendly technology. From our EASE case management system, to our integrations and our student background screening product, VerifyStudents, we strive to improve and enhance our clients' experience. Throughout the years we have invested in developing new technology, as well as upgrading current technology and we will continue to do so.
In 2014, we rolled out an improved drug screening process for students, which made scheduling their drug tests even easier, while offering them an even broader selection of collection sites from which to choose. We redesigned our Corporate Screening blog ( page, improving both the appearance and its functionality. Additionally, to assist clients in their compliance efforts, we launched the Adverse Action Workflow Tool. The tool enables employers to quickly and easily generate pre-adverse and adverse action letters, and tracks the entire process using a built in Audit Trail.


But we are not stopping there. Throughout 2015 we will be rolling out updates and launching new products designed to improve user experience. In January we will unveil our newly redesigned website, With its responsive design and a fresh new look, users navigating the Corporate Screening website will be able to find what they are looking for faster than ever.


Our redesigned website is just one of our planned roll outs for January. Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on our paperless drug screening update. When it is released in January, you’ll be able to order and schedule your candidate’s drug screening without leaving the EASE dashboard. Talk about convenience!


So what’s next? More technology and innovation! We will be rolling out new integrations with even more Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and introducing other improvements and updates. You’ll also see additional enhancements to our website.


New technology can be a major challenge, but it is vital and plays a key role in improving productivity and decision-making. Our plans going forward are big and you’ll see – this is just the beginning!

CS News
New Year, Newly Redesigned Website!
2015 is nearly here, and Corporate Screening will ring in the New Year with a new look! We are excited to share the news of our newly redesigned website, which will launch in January, 2015.


Designed for ease of use, you’ll find links to important sections right on the home page. And with the new responsive design, you’ll discover just how easy it can be to locate what you need - whether you are accessing the site using a traditional computer, smartphone or tablet.


Stay tuned for further information, coming soon. We look forward to unveiling our new website and sharing it with you in January!

CS News
Corporate Screening Holiday Schedule

Corporate Screening would like to wish you a happy holiday season. Our offices will be closed on the following days:


Thursday, December 25: Closed

Friday, December 26: Closed

Thursday, January 1, 2015: Closed

Compliance News
Recent Adverse Action Settlements: More Reasons to Make Sure Your Program is Compliant

If you’ve been reading Corporate Screening’s blogs, newsletters and other materials, you know that lawsuits alleging Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations are on the rise. Allegations frequently cited include the use of disclosure forms that are not in compliance with FCRA requirements and employers improperly following adverse action procedures.


The biggest threat to employers from these lawsuits is the costs. Not only are they expensive to defend, there’s the potential for huge fines if employers are found to have violated the FCRA. And this has been evidenced by the large sums of money employers have paid to settle these cases, running to millions of dollars.


So why should other employers be concerned? The short answer is because it appears these lawsuits probably will not go away any time soon. FCRA violations seldom affect just a few people, especially at large companies. It is far more likely that a large number of people have been affected by the actions. And with national news scrambling to report these large settlements, plaintiff’s lawyers have taken notice. They have seized the opportunity to go after deep-pocketed employers in industries across the board.


Here are just a few recent FCRA settlements:


In October 2014, Publix Super Markets, Inc. agreed to settle a class action lawsuit for the sum of $6.8 million. The lawsuit alleged that the retailer violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by not providing job candidates with a “stand alone” disclosure informing them that a background check would be done for employment purposes.


Also in October, Dollar General agreed to settle its FCRA class action lawsuit for $4 million. In this case, the plaintiffs alleged that the company did not provide proper pre-adverse action notice nor did it obtain consent to run a background check. They claimed the company's adverse action procedures did not properly comply with the FCRA's requirements.


Is your organization in compliance? Even simple mistakes can prove costly. Corporate Screening can help. We offer educational information about the FCRA and its regulations, sample forms and documents, and products such as our Adverse Action Workflow Tool. With a new year coming soon, now is definitely the time to make sure your organization is in compliance with the FCRA.


CS Products and Services
Adverse Action Workflow Tool

On December 1, 2014, Corporate Screening rolled out the updated Adverse Action Workflow Tool.
The tool is a solution for employers seeking to ensure that they are complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in their adverse action process. With its thoughtfully designed features, it streamlines the process for employers, providing them with customized pre-adverse and adverse action letters and all supporting documents. Each action is automatically time and date stamped, providing an audit trail. And the tool’s notification feature automatically advises employers when the next step can take place.


For more information about the Adverse Action Workflow Tool and how it can help your organization remain in compliance, contact Corporate Screening at 800-229-8606, option 3 or email us at We will also schedule more webinars featuring the tool and demonstrating how it works beginning in January 2015, so look for your invitation!


Compliance News
Uber Faces FCRA Class Action Lawsuit for Background Checks

A class action lawsuit against Uber filed in November alleges that the company did not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act with its background checks. In a case filed in the Northern District of California, the plaintiff alleges that the company:
  1. Did not provide him with a “stand alone” disclosure form informing him a background check would be done, and
  2. Took adverse action without following proper procedures (providing him with the pre-adverse action disclosures, including a Summary of Rights Under the FCRA and a copy of the background report).

The plaintiff is asking for up to $1000 per class member for the alleged violations.


As with the many other FCRA class action lawsuits that have been filed in 2014 and previously, this case once again illustrates the importance of companies complying with the FCRA. Failure to do so could result in significant statutory damages, which we have seen can soar upwards of millions of dollars.


Industry News

Background Screening in the News is a section devoted to newsworthy events related to background screening. We’ll briefly summarize a few of the news-worthy topics in the industry so that you know what’s trending in the background screening world.


FCRA Class Action Filed Against LinkedIn

In October, a class action lawsuit was filed against LinkedIn that alleges the network violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) with its “search for references” option. Employers using this feature can access a report through the site containing employment information of the all connections in the candidate’s network who worked with the candidate. They can then send the connections a personal message through LinkedIn. The lawsuit alleges that the network violates the FCRA because members are not notified when employers run the reference report on them.


FTC Issues New Guide for Job Seekers

In November, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a publication, Tips for Job Applicants and Employees, available at It contains information about the questions employers can ask, what candidates can expect, and their rights throughout the process. And the publication is another reminder to employers to review their background check procedures to ensure they comply with the FCRA and EEOC guidelines.


Increasing Number of Mental Health Records in Federal Database

The Washington Post reports that since 2011, the number of mental health records submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has tripled since 2011, largely due to states passing new record-sharing laws. Federally licensed gun sellers use NICS to determine if customers are eligible to purchase firearms or explosives.


CS Products and Services
New Drug Screen Scheduling Process Rolling Out in 2015

In January, major enhancements in Corporate Screening’s electronic drug screening services integrated with EASE will take place. The enhancements provide users with a more streamlined process that will save them time and enhance their experience, while eliminating the burden of double data entry, and multiple logins to drug test ordering websites.


In addition to greater ease of order, the upgraded technology is fully integrated with the largest national drug test laboratories. With even more drug screening collection sites from which to choose, users can quickly locate and schedule and appointment at a nearby, convenient in-network site.


Information about the new drug screening enhancements will be provided soon. If you are not already using Corporate Screening’s paperless drug screening services, now is the time to consider adding it!


VerifyStudents Corner
Student Background Screening 101: Did You Know?
Did you know that background screening requirements may vary from one clinical site to another?


It may come as a surprise to some who think that all hospital and clinical background requirements are pretty much the same, but that is just not true. Clinical sites do have differing background screening requirements, and when you are placing students at multiple sites, it’s important to stay on top of what each site needs.


To help ensure that your student background program remains compliant with each site’s needs,  VerifyStudents representatives work closely with the school and its clinical sites to assess the requirements of each. Thoroughly reviewing all clinical site agreements before creating a customized student background package that reflects your needs, our process ensures that all clinical requirements are met.

VerifyStudents Products and Services

Handling student drug testing can be an administrative nightmare. Often generating page upon page of printed paperwork, it can be a labor intensive process. Not to mention the tracking involved – from locating collection sites, scheduling appointments and even possibly determining whether or not payment was made, tracking can consume many administrative hours.


VerifyStudents offers an easy solution with our self-scheduled paperless drug testing. Students self-order their drug screening and pay for it online during the background application process, which eases that particular administrative burden. And with a large network of convenient sites available, students can quickly locate and schedule their appointment at an in-network site that is conveniently located to them.


With 24/7 online ordering capability, the paperless drug testing eliminates the traditional paper chain of custody. So stop wasting administrative time handling student drug testing manually. Learn more about

paperless drug testing by VerifyStudents. Contact us today by phone at 800-229-8606 or email us at for more information.