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Feature Article
In the Winter 2013 edition of Screening Solutions newsletter, our feature article featured trends in background screening. In the article, Corporate Screening’s President, Greg Dubecky, predicted the growth of integrated technology platforms. And now, over two years later, the trend continues - employers are increasingly coming to rely on technological solutions to assist with hiring and talent management. More than ever before, many are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage hiring and recruiting from one platform.
What has fueled this growth? Using an ATS makes the hiring process easier and saves time, which frees human resource professionals to do other necessary tasks. And when organizations integrate other processes, such as background screening, with the ATS, they realize even more efficiency. Background screening integrations like those offered by Corporate Screening streamline the screening process and increase operational efficiencies, thereby saving time and money while speeding up hiring.


Applicant tracking systems are also valued because they allow organizations to do what they need to do, when they need to do it, and it all gets done in one easy place. Rapid technology improvements in the last several years means that now tech platforms work better together than ever before. Now is the ideal time to look deeper into integrating the background screening process with your organization’s ATS.

Corporate Screening's Integration Solutions

Corporate Screening has long understood that organizations are unique and each company we work with has differing needs and processes. In this tradition, we offer integration solutions that seamlessly integrate the background screening process with many of the top ATS platforms, including Oracle Taleo, iCIMS, Healthcare Source, Technomedia and Workday. Our team is experienced in developing and implementing the types of customized solutions and bridge applications that meet each organization’s distinct needs.


Our secure integrations expedite the screening process by letting recruiters send candidate directly from their ATS to Corporate Screening. From there, we conduct the background check, contacting the applicant as necessary to obtain any missing information, then moving to complete the background check.


With customizable integration solutions, we are able to offer options designed to meet your organization’s needs, all the while streamlining the process and improving the candidate experience. And Corporate Screening’s ATS integrations are easy to implement, allowing hiring managers to operate from a single platform to collect candidate information, submit background requests and receive results.


For more information on Corporate Screening’s integration options contact us today
Corporate Screening Integrations
Corporate Screening offers custom integrations with many respected Application Tracking System providers. Some of the top companies we work with include:
  • Oracle Taleo
  • iCIMS
  • Healthcare Source
  • Technomedia
  • Workday
CS News
Learn More about CS’s Oracle Taleo Background Integration
Leading organizations throughout the world use Oracle Taleo as their talent management platform. As a Gold level member of the Oracle Partner Network, Corporate Screening invites you to learn more about our unique background screening solution that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service via the Onboarding (Transitions) Cloud module.
Our background solution is customized to meet your organization’s needs, and is the first of its kind solution that initiates background screening at the latter stages of the talent acquisition process. Key features and benefits include:
  • Customized configuration capabilities that better fit your workflow and allow for increased automation,
  • Simplified background screening process for enterprise- level employers, and
  • Faster background screening initiation process, which saves time and speeds up the hiring process.

And by waiting until later in the hiring process to initiate background screening, Corporate Screening’s integration better enables employers to comply with the EEOC’s criminal background guidelines.


Find Out More

If you would like additional information about Corporate Screening’s background integration with Oracle Taleo, we invite you to view our Oracle Taleo video. You can also contact one of our account representatives to discover how we can help you integrate your organization’s background screening process with Oracle Taleo.

Compliance News
Ban the Box Updates

Ban the Box, a publication by the National Employment Law Project, Inc. (NELP), provides statistics about what states, cities and counties have adopted “ban the box” legislation. The latest numbers in the May 2015 edition state that 17 states, Washington D.C. and 100 cities and counties have enacted some sort of policy that delays asking about an applicant’s criminal background until later in the hiring process.
More States Implementing “Ban the Box” Policies

In 2015, three additional states following states have adopted such polices. These include Georgia, Vermont and Virginia.


The Ohio legislature is currently considering a “ban the box” bill, but to date has not passed legislation. But the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) took the step to do so on June 1, 2015. On that date, DAS removed the criminal background question from its applications for state employment. Additionally, the office requires hiring decision makers must “weigh common-sense factors that will ensure only recent and relevant criminal records are used to deny workers from state positions.”


Trend: Extending “Ban the Box” Policies to Private Employers

While most of the legislation pertains to public sector employees, there has been a trend to extend the policies to private employers. Currently, states including Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, as well as Washington D.C. have passed legislation that includes private employers. And a number of local governments and cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have also enacted “ban the box” laws that impact private employers.


Find Out More

Corporate Screening publishes regular blogs and client alerts about “ban the box” legislation. We invite you to visit our blog and Client Alerts for more information.

Industry News
Background Screening in the News is a section devoted to newsworthy events related to background screening. We’ll briefly summarize a few of the news-worthy topics in the industry so that you know what’s trending in the background screening world.
Rideshare Companies Face Stricter Background Screening Rules
As ridesharing continues to grow, concerns about public safety also grow. States and communities are now requiring rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to perform more stringent background checks on drivers. According to the San Francisco Public Press, Massachusetts and Arizona require new rideshare drivers to have background checks. And the Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago’s City Council passed a bill that affects all drivers of public vehicles (including rideshare cars, as well as cabs) who drive professionally more than 20 hours per week. These drivers will be required to get public chauffeur’s licenses, which includes mandatory background and drug tests on  drivers (and also requires vehicle inspections).


Will Background Checks Hurt Volunteering?

Legislation in Pennsylvania requires people working with minors (employed or volunteers) to undergo background checks. In many states, background screening is increasingly required for people whose work or volunteering brings in contact with children. And the intent behind this type of legislation is good - to protect children. But with new laws come new issues: now organizations that rely on volunteers are concerned that the cost of getting background checks will keep volunteers away.


Only time will tell if the apprehension about losing volunteers is valid, but in some cases, lawmakers have responded. The Lancaster Online recently reported that beginning July 1, 2015, the state will waive fees for volunteers requiring state child abuse waivers, thanks to action from the governor.

Support Tracking System Helps Resolve Requests


Corporate Screening has recently enhanced our Client Support services by rolling out our Support Tracking System. This system was designed so that we can better communicate with customers and resolve requests as rapidly as possible, all while keeping customers informed.


Here is how the Support Tracking System works:

  • Initiate your request by contacting Corporate Screening’s Customer Service department by email or phone:
    Phone: 800-229-8606, option 4
  • Your request will get a ticket number and be assigned to a Client Services team member.
  • You will receive an email containing the ticket number, and the team member name that has been assigned to assist you.
  • If you have any questions or comments regarding your request, you can call Customer Service and reference your ticket number, or you can reply to the email you received earlier.
  • Once your request has been resolved, a final notification will be sent to you.


In our role as a trusted background screening advisor, Corporate Screening focuses on our clients’ needs, keeping them in the forefront. As such, we strive to provide the best support possible. We are confident that our Support Tracking System will help us to better serve our clients, keeping them advised about the status of their issue, and in turn, our clients will appreciate this new practice.

Have You Visited Our Media Library?
Did you know that Corporate Screening has been in business for over 25 years? Or that we have employees who have worked in the background screening industry for over 20 years? If you’ve watched our Corporate Overview video, you know this and a lot more!


Over the last months, Corporate Screening has created a library of video works that we are proud to share with you. The videos highlight our organization’s past, and our products. We also have a fun time-lapse video that shows the progress of the remodeling of our operations facility.


Our videos are available on YouTube and in the Resources section of the Corporate Screening website. We invite you to check them out and learn more about Corporate Screening, our products and services, and what we can do for you.


Client Support: Recommendations to Rapidly Resolve Your Questions and Issues
At Corporate Screening, our goal is to provide our customers with services that not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations. In order to ensure the fastest response to all client questions and issues, we have developed the following recommendations.


Account, Industry, Billing or Metrics Questions

If you have a question about your account, the background screening industry, metrics or a billing issue, our Customer Service Department is here to help. They can provide assistance with questions on subjects that include your background screening program; navigating the website or issues accessing systems; open and completed background questions; billing questions and more.


If an issue needs additional assistance, it will be routed through the client’s Account Manager and/or the Client Services Manager.


For fastest response to questions or issues, Corporate Screening recommends sending an email. Contact We also offer a phone option at 800-229-8606, option 4.


EASE Functionality Questions

Sometimes users have questions about how to use EASE, Corporate Screening’s web-based client interface and secure messaging system. Answers to these questions are easy to find by accessing the Resource Center in EASE.


Visit the Getting Started section within the Resource Center to view a full demonstration of EASE, as well as specific functions. Demonstrations include how to order (Online Ordering and Search Builder, Fax Order, and Upload Order); navigating the system and reports, messaging, the Adverse Action Workflow Tool, and paperless drug testing. The section also includes manuals that you can refer to.


In addition to the tutorials and manuals, we also have answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a section that contains resource materials such as required notices and sample documents.


Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Corporate Screening sends out our Client Satisfaction Survey, in which we ask you for your feedback about how we are doing. We encourage all of our clients to respond to the survey because we want to know what we are doing right, as well as what we need to do better.


Your answers are important, and Corporate Screening uses the information that you provide so that we can measure how satisfied our customers are. And while negative feedback can be somewhat painful, we take this information and use it to make improvements and increase client satisfaction.


A link to the 2015 Client Satisfaction Survey will be emailed to clients early this summer. We encourage you to click on the link and take a few moments to complete the survey to share your thoughts on how we are doing. And when we have compiled the results, we will share a summary of the results with you, our valued clients.

VerifyStudents Corner
Student Background News
Why Conduct Student Background Checks?


A common question is why do colleges and universities do student background checks? Schools have a number of reasons why they perform student background screening. Sometimes they do background checks because they are required to do so – for example, a state may require student teachers to have passed a background check, so in this case a background is legally required.


Other times student backgrounds are done because they are required by a partner organization. For example, clinical sites where students gain hands on experience may require that students pass a background check.


Safety is another reason for doing student background screening. People work and live on campus, and making sure they are in a safe environment is a top consideration for colleges and universities. Having an awareness of who is on their campus is beneficial for schools.


Increasingly, some colleges and universities are considering screening everyone applying to attend. Many ask about criminal backgrounds on the application, thus relying on applicants responding honestly. In other cases, schools may require a background investigation during the admission process. When this is done – either prior to admission or after – varies, depending on the school’s policies.


Campus housing safety is a big concern for administrators. Who is applying to live in residence halls and college housing? Schools may require students who apply to live on campus to undergo background screening.


Sometimes backgrounds are done to purposely exclude students who have disqualifying criminal convictions from certain programs. At the end, certain careers, such as those in teaching and health sciences, require licensure that people with certain criminal convictions may not be able to obtain. These careers may also necessitate that students to do practicums and internships at off-campus sites that require students to pass background checks.


When schools make it a requirement that students pass a background prior to entering a program, those students who do not qualify can select other programs of study instead. Schools with these types of policies must apply the standards of the appropriate licensing organizations when performing the background checks.

The Importance of Accreditation


While many background screening companies are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), becoming accredited is a time-consuming process, with many requirements. As a result only some 5 percent of background screening companies are accredited.


Corporate Screening is proud to be an accredited organization, and we wanted to share information about the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP), the body that governs it, and why you should use an accredited background screening company.


Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program

The BSAAP is a seal of approval that indicates a background screening organization’s commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards and continued improvement. Its mission statement reads as follows, “The Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program advances professionalism in the employment screening industry through the promotion of best practices, awareness of legal compliance, and development of standards that protect consumers.”


Historically, there were two primary purposes for creating the BSAAP. First, because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wanted more regulation of Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) , and secondly because that NAPBS itself recognized that there were many differing standards and practices within the industry.


As a result, a governing body was established, the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), and industry best practices were set. Accredited organizations agree to abide by these standards and their formally documented policies and procedures reflect that. They have achieved industry leading standards in data security, compliance, organizational performance and professionalism.


Why Use An Accredited Background Screening Provider?

Colleges and universities are well acquainted with accreditation and the arduous process of maintaining the standards that are required to become and remain accredited. If schools have to maintain such standards, why shouldn’t the organizations with whom they work have to do the same? Here are some considerations as to why colleges and universities should seek an accredited background check organization for their student background screening program.

  • Commitment to Quality - Accredited companies have demonstrated this commitment, since accreditation is not mandatory, and it is not an easy process. In order to become accredited, the background screening company needs to pass a rigorous audit. And three years after that, the company must pass another audit to uphold the accreditation.
  • Reputation – Through accreditation, companies demonstrate that they are solid, reputable, and operate in a responsible manner.
  • Minimizes Risk – By working with a company that conforms to industry best practices, your program can minimize risk.


Since 1987, Corporate Screening Services has been providing quality background screening for organizations and schools throughout the country. As an accredited member of the NAPBS, we invite you to learn more about what we can do for your student background screening program. For more information about our VerifyStudents products and services, please contact us at 800-229-8606 or click here complete a request form.